“RedoxMind kept my squirrel brain on task!” – Donnellyn D

“As a busy mom who also runs her own business, I feel my mind is in 50 different places at once. RedoxMind has really allowed me to target in on one specific task for a longer period of time and execute it without distraction.” – Alyssa F

“After five consecutive days of experiencing its benefits, its easy to say I absolutely love RedoxMind. While on the golf course, I noticed a much greater ability to correctly evaluate any given situation, consider my shot options, and then executing the shot without distractions resulting in lower scores.” – John B

“For the last 5 days I have been drinking RedoxMind before tackling some lengthy computer work. I found myself to be very focused and totally on point, staying on task …and I LOVE the taste!” – Pepper B

“Using RedoxMind as a workout drink in the gym has been amazing. In one week, between 6 workouts, I achieved 20 Personal Bests in my weight training!” – Alan N

“I wake up at 3:15am ready to do almost 5 hours of live TV which can be mentally exhausting. By 10am I have a real slump. This is when I decided to try RedoxMind. I noticed my mind quickly waking up again. My thoughts became clearer. I went back to do another hour of work and another 30 minutes of live TV with no signs of brain fog or mental exhaustion.” – Barbie B

“My husband has been experiencing short term memory loss for a couple of years. He had got to the point where he couldn’t recall a 3-word test given 15-30 minutes before. After his first RedoxMind drink he remembered the first word and knew the first letter of the other 2. On day 2 and 3 of drinking RedoxMind he remembered all 3 words. I cried.” – Sherry M