“After drinking RedoxMood, my thoughts were very clear and focused. I felt great” – Terry L

“Drinking RedoxMood before my Pilates class has helped me achieve some of the deepest stretching sessions I have ever experienced.” – Tanya N

“Flying back to Europe and leaving my husband Mat in the States is always a very stressful and emotional time. It can feel like the world is falling apart. I started drinking RedoxMood the day of my flight and I have to say… I felt so chilled. Very casual, relaxed and in total control of my mood.” – Christina W

“I have struggled with social anxiety for all of my adult life, often leaving me with a racing heart, shortness of breath and sometimes on the verge of tears. With RedoxMood I felt calm with a sense of bravery when faced with situations that would normally trigger me. It is rare for me to speak to anyone by myself, yet on one of the days I drank RedoxMood, I was able to start lots of conversations with total strangers.” – Ashley U

“There are times when you just get out of the wrong side of the bed. Like an intense PMS. It usually happens when I have taken on way too much in the days before. I was having one of those days and when I drank RedoxMood it immediately took the edge off by at least 50%. I felt a lot calmer and more relaxed.” – Nancy W

“RedoxMood left me feeling calmer and more relaxed in the evenings. I also slept so deeply, experiencing very vivid dreams that I could actually remember.” – Jim G

“RedoxMood gives me strong, secure feeling of a settled calm, with no anxiety. It seems to switch on that part of my brain that makes me smile inside and out.” – Marian S