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From Olympic gold medalists, to world record holders, athletes worldwide are experiencing the ASEA Athletic Advantage, seeing improvements in endurance, strength and recovery.

Swimmers, cyclists, marathon runners, triathletes, Ironmen, powerlifters, body builders, fitness models, tennis, pickle ball, golf, boxing and martial arts! Whatever your sport is, ASEA can help you come closer to achieving your true athletic potential.

Improve Endurance & Recovery

A recent study at Appalachian State University showed that mice drinking ASEA REDOX for 7 days, ran 29% further to exhaustion. Furthermore, muscle biopsies indicated that the ASEA mice had on average a 30% sparing of muscle glycogen, suggesting that their bodies were more efficient at tapping into their fat supplies for fuel.

This suggests, that drinking ASEA REDOX could prime your metabolism to be more like a world-class athlete, even if you are just a weekend warrior. This fat burning effect has also been noticed by numerous bodybuilders and fitness models. Drink ASEA REDOX before any sport training or competition, and you can experience the ASEA Advantage. Learn more about the science behind ASEA

Athletes Discuss ASEA REDOX

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What The Pros Are Saying


Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer

“ASEA has been part of my journey this whole time, right from club to the Olympic gold medal. I love taking ASEA because I know it’s a clean product and it helps me recover. There are a million and one products out there, but I love that ASEA is so simple and easy to trust, and it gets me through the week. For the ASEA REDOX supplement, I have 8 oz before and after each training session. I also use the skin care line every day after I finish training and before I go to bed.” 


Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer

Cody won Gold alongside Michael Phelps as a member of the 4×100 medley relay in 2016 Rio Olympic Games. He is currently one of the top swimmers in the world with eight American Records, having competed for Team USA all over the world. 


Ironman World Champion

 “I started using ASEA in 2015, a time when I had not been able to finish an Ironman race. I was having problems recovering from my workouts, and I was unable to do the training needed to adequately prepare for a race. I was very fatigued and my health was another issue, as I kept getting sick.

Being introduced to ASEA has given me back the joy of being an active adult and allowed me to do things I never dreamed of being able to do. I never dreamed of being a world champion in an endurance sport as a female in her 70’s. Yet, thanks to ASEA, I am indeed a world champion!” 


Elite Masters Mountain Bike Racer 2019 STXC National Champion

“As an elite, off-road, endurance athlete, my body takes a beating. Typical races take anywhere from two to six hours on very hilly and rugged terrain, and at high altitudes with extreme weather conditions. With ASEA, I have noticed two significant benefits. First, my endurance capabilities have increased and I am able to run and ride farther and faster, which is critical in racing. Second, ASEA products have allowed me to stay healthy over the course of my 11-month-long training and racing season each year. 

“It’s easy to get run down and overwork yourself as an athlete, so it’s crucial to provide your body with the support it needs to recover and stay healthy. ASEA has helped me resist the aging process and allowed me to maintain my strength, speed, and endurance as I continue to age. Now 40 years old, I feel like I’m every bit as fit as I was at 20. ASEA is perhaps the most important part of my training program now as an elite Masters athlete!”


Taekwondo Olympian

As an athlete, I train to win. Every sweat, every drop of sacrifice and every moment away from my family is because I aim for gold. ASEA has helped me do this and remain pain free.” 

“I drink 4 oz. of ASEA REDOX when I wake up and 4 oz. before bed. Also, I drink 2 oz. before every training and 2 oz. after every training, twice a day. I have been using the RENU 28 on my legs before and after almost every workout, especially on my knees. I also use RENU 28 on the days when my legs feel heavy.”


Track and Field World Silver Medalist

ASEA has helped me as an athlete by giving me an edge I never knew I needed. It elevates me to a level in which I have always searched but hadn’t quite been able to find. It has also helped me in recover from injury (torn quad and labrum). When I felt helpless in my journey back to health, ASEA came right on time. In addition to all of this, it just helps me feel like a healthier human being and I can’t complain about that. 

I drink 8 oz. of ASEA Redox each morning before training, and after training follow up with 4 oz. I love to use the RENU 28 on my quads and hips before and after practice!”



Mike was introduced to ASEA Redox through his mother. After using the product for a few weeks, he noticed that he felt better during and after workouts.  

“When training and competing, I consume at least 12 ounces of ASEA REDOX per day and apply RENU 28 morning, night, and right after a race. This helps my body recover and operate at peak efficiency.” 


Ironman Triathlete

Christiann was introduced to ASEA in January 2014, just six months before her second Ironman triathlon race. During training she noticed her recovery rate was improving while the feeling of fatigue had decreased. She saw improvements to her sleep patterns and overall health, which led to a renewed mindset and dedication.

From May to July of 2014, Christiann found herself on several race podiums, placing among the top three finishers in her age group. Her most notable accomplishment was her incredible finish at the 2014 Coeur d’Alene Ironman, shaving nearly four hours off her 2010 race time. 


Pickleball Champion (US #1)

“From an overall health standpoint, I have noticed that ASEA products have been benefiting my overall life. I feel healthier and happier and am able to physically recover much faster from hard training days and competitions. As an athlete, ASEA REDOX jumpstarts my body and allows me to play at a high level for longer periods of time with the energy. 


Professional Golfer

“I drink 60ml of ASEA REDOX to start my day, and 60ml just before bed. Depending on the intensity of my days training, I may increase the amount of ASEA REDOX to 120ml two times per day. I take ASEA VIA right after an evening meal; six capsules daily of ASEA VIA Source, four capsules daily of ASEA VIA LifeMax and four capsules of ASEA VIA Biome.  RENU28 has also become an important part of my routine. I apply it three times a day on my lower back — I had to undergo a microdiscectomy surgery. I also apply it to my hands.”


Paralympic Snowboarder & Adaptive Wakesurfer

“ASEA has given me the ability to recover much quicker from anything and everything I decide to take on, which is a lot! I am an avid snowboarder, snowmobiler, dirt biker, wake surfer, and mountain biker. Training, competing, and being active is my life, so having quicker recoveries and being able to get back to doing the things I love without missing a beat is very important to me.


Ironman Triathlete

 “I use everything ASEA makes. I believe, without a doubt, that the combination keeps me healthy and actively racing. I am still competitive, winning 50 of my last 53 events. I like competing, and I like being good at it. ASEA keeps me in front of the pack and across the finish line first even at 60.”

I also use all the ASEA VIA products daily, and apply RENU 28 every morning after I shower, and every evening before bed.